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5 October 2020 - 7 October 2020
Czech Republic
ONLINE B2B matchmaking event Contact-Contract 2020

How to choose partners for negotiation?


    • Log in to your profile (Email, Password).
    • Click on "Book meetings now" (See the green field above).
    • From the list of participants, or using the filter or keyword (Search), find suitable negotiating partners. Learn more about each company by clicking on their name.
    • If you are interested in meeting with the selected company (open its profile), click the "Request meeting" button. You can write a message to the counterparty and then send the request by clicking on "Send request". The counter-party will be notified of your request by automatic email. Your request for a meeting can either confirm or decline.   
      You will also be informed of their decision via automatic email.
    • You can also see your already-confirmed or received meeting requests in your profile in the "Meetings" menu - here it is  necessary to "Accept" or "Decline" the meeting.

    Important note:

    You will have only confirmed appointments in the final schedule, so respond to your meeting requests as soon as possible ("Confirm" - "Decline") to let your partners know if they can count or arrange for a different meeting .

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    Closed since 7 October 2020


    Czech Republic

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    Participants 287
    Meetings 171


    Austria 5
    Belgium 2
    China 1
    Croatia 2
    Czech Republic 154
    Denmark 1
    Finland 1
    France 3
    Germany 6
    Greece 1
    Hungary 7
    India 4
    Italy 32
    Japan 4
    North Macedonia 1
    Nigeria 1
    Poland 24
    Romania 15
    Russia 9
    Slovakia 22
    Spain 1
    Taiwan 1
    Turkey 31
    Ukraine 14
    Viet Nam 1
    Total 343


    Company (SME) 172
    Company (Industry) 116
    University 5
    R&D Institution 7
    Association/Agency 17
    Authority/Government 4
    EEN partner 5
    Other 16
    Total 342

    Profile views

    Before event 20041
    After event 776
    Total 20817